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5 Time-saving Windows 7 tips

Learning how to do things faster is a big part of life.  When you do things faster, often times it means you get more done.  And that does not exclude the time when you are using a computer.

Here are five time-saving Windows tips for those of you using Windows 7 to speed up your PC experience.…

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Common Windows 7 Keyboard Shortcuts

Those of you who must use a computer every day are surely aware of how time-consuming many computer operations can be. Clicking through various application windows and program menus can easily become as confusing as the task you are trying to accomplish.

To make the use of your computer much easier, Microsoft provides many keyboard shortcuts, universally shared within all editions of Windows 7, which can make your life much simpler and make common tasks a breeze to perform.…

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20 Quick Windows 7 Tips to Boost Performance

These 20 quick tips can help you boost the performance of your Windows 7 machine in 10 minutes or less!

This video is a consolidation of Windows 7 tips from the Faster 7 series, which was produced by The PCMichiana Tech Help Show.…

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How to Enable God Mode in Windows 7

Windows 7 has already proved to be a drastic improvement over its predecessor. For those of you who have been staying up with the latest Windows 7 news, you may have heard mention of the ‘GodMode’ feature. So what exactly is God Mode? And how can you enable Windows 7 God Mode?…

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