Month: October 2011

3 Ways To Remedy A Slow PC

Is your computer running slow? A slow computer can be the symptom of several various causes that can be fixed relatively easily. If your computer is running slow and it is relatively new you might be wondering what is causing this problem.

Over time a computer will become slow due to everyday use, however a slow PC can be tuned up and run fast again with just a few simple steps.

Here are 3 ways to fix a slow computer…

Get A Fast PC With Disk Defrag

All who are dependent on computers for their everyday lives desire a fast PC. In the world of today that demographic encompasses nearly everyone. Over time, a fast PC will slow down due to numerous problems.

This can happen when a large program is installed or when large amounts of files are saved on the hard drive.

The obvious question is, “How can I speed up my PC for free?”

Luckily, one of those problems can be addressed with ease and also at no cost. Disk Defragmenter is a free utility provided by Microsoft, which comes with all Windows operating …

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5 Tips To Get Your Music Library Organized

In today’s digital age, no matter who you are, you most likely have a music collection (or music library).  Whether your music library is on a computer or you have some kind of MP3 player, organization can become a problem as you attain more music. This is why ID3 tags have been developed to contain metadata for each music file, such as the artist, song title, and album title.

If you already have a large music collection (or even if you are just starting a music library), here are 5 tips to help you get (and keep) your music library …

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15 Must-Watch YouTube Videos for Computer Maintenance Tips and Tutorials

Over time, any number of technical problems can keep your PC or Mac from running as smoothly as it did when you first bought it. Files can accumulate and slow down processes, hardware can break down, and any number of problems can add up to system crash.

There are many tutorials and videos to choose from when looking for ways to perform computer maintenance, but these 15 YouTube videos are among the best for fixing anything from a blue screen error to a faulty mouse.…

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10 Timeless Tips to Keep Your Computer Running Smoothly

Computers can be useful tools for consuming information, processing data, and a source of all kinds of trouble. All too often problems can keep computers from running as they should, and before long these problems can turn your PC from a powerful machine to a giant paperweight. Follow these helpful tips to make sure your computer keeps running smoothly for a long time.…

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