Month: June 2012

Protect Your Kids on the Internet with Internet Monitoring Software

parental control with internet monitoring softwareIf you have children, then you can understand how important it is to keep them safe and out of harm’s way. You can also understand why it is so important to keep your kids safe on the internet, where there are hundreds of thousands of inappropriate and dangerous websites. This is where parental internet monitoring software comes in handy.…

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Be More Efficient on the Web with Firefox Toolbars

Useful Firefox toolbarsIf you use the Mozilla Firefox web browser, then you are using one of the most flexible web browsers available. There are dozens of toolbars and add-ons that you can install to customize your web browsing experience. Firefox toolbars are helpful at quickly getting access to some of your favorite tools. Unfortunately however, they are being compared with spam and spyware. Look more carefully though, and you will be able to find some Firefox toolbars that are really very functional.…

How a Firewall Can Help Protect Your PC

Windows FirewallDid you know that when your computer is connected to the internet, it has over 131,000 ‘ports’ that a hacker could connect to? These ports are like doors in a building and if they aren’t protected properly, then someone could sneak in without you noticing.

If the hacker is not installing a virus, they can still do some serious damage without alerting your security software, including transmitting your personal information. So how do you watch all of these doorways to your information? You need a firewall! …

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Troubleshoot a Laptop Battery that Will Not Charge

How to troubleshoot laptop battery problemsLaptop batteries are batteries used to power laptop computers without the use of an AC power adapter. The length of time a laptop battery lasts is linked to the size of the battery and the amount of power used by a system’s resources. If you can’t get your laptop battery to charge, check out these tips to see if you can get it charged up again.…

5 Tips for Setting a Windows Password

Windows 7 password tipsHaving a password on your Windows computer helps provide you with a more secure system so that no one can access your computer… unless you allow them to. Passwords are designed for security but choosing a difficult to guess yet easy to remember password is not so easy.

Passwords can easily be lost or forgotten which could potentially lock you out from your PC. With these five helpful tips in mind, you can keep a peaceful mind that your system is secure and that you can obtain your password in case it is lost or forgotten.

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