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3 Computer Myths that Won’t Help Speed Up Your PC

There is so much information on the internet.  A simple Google search on PC optimizing or PC maintenance may have even brought you to us.  However, there is a reason Google, or random websites are not allowed to be used a resource for academia or considered reliable information.

The reason is, because a lot of the time they just don’t provide accurate and reliable information.  At Free Computer Maintenance we strive to provide you the latest and most accurate information.  There are popular windows tips out on the web that claim they can increase your system’s performance but in reality …

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Why you should not run Windows as administrator

With the release of Windows XP, Microsoft introduced their concept of having multiple user accounts on a single PC, including the Windows administrator user.  The administrator user account is a sort of super-user account, providing the user with access to all of a PCs settings and the ability to modify anything about the PC. Basically, anyone using the Administrator account can change anything and everything.

Here’s why you are at risk and what you can do to lower this risk:…

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How to get maximum performance from Windows Vista

With Windows XP no longer supported, Vista has abdicated its throne to Windows 7.  Vista has received the same general criticisms across the board, as being too resource intensive, and slow compared to its predecessor and successor.  If you are still using Windows Vista, unimpressed with the visuals, and grumble about these inadequacies here are some ways to help you cope.…

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5 Time-saving Windows 7 tips

Learning how to do things faster is a big part of life.  When you do things faster, often times it means you get more done.  And that does not exclude the time when you are using a computer.

Here are five time-saving Windows tips for those of you using Windows 7 to speed up your PC experience.…

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How To Restore the Quick Launch Toolbar in Windows 7

Many Windows users who were fans of the Quick Launch toolbar may now notice that this feature is no longer available on the redesigned task bar and Start menu in Microsoft’s latest OS, Windows 7. At least not by default. So, how can you restore the Quick Launch toolbar in Windows 7?…

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