Month: November 2011

3 Computer Myths that Won’t Help Speed Up Your PC

There is so much information on the internet.  A simple Google search on PC optimizing or PC maintenance may have even brought you to us.  However, there is a reason Google, or random websites are not allowed to be used a resource for academia or considered reliable information.

The reason is, because a lot of the time they just don’t provide accurate and reliable information.  At Free Computer Maintenance we strive to provide you the latest and most accurate information.  There are popular windows tips out on the web that claim they can increase your system’s performance but in reality …

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Ways to Customize your Windows 7 PC

There is always something appealing about going to someone else’s house.  You get to see how they live and how they do their everyday lives.  There is no different feeling for myself when I see how someone else uses their computer.  This is particularly in seeing what they use their computer for, what kind of programs and particularly how they have customized their computer.  Here are some ways make your computer look unique by personalizing Windows 7.…

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How To Fix Problems With USB Devices in Windows

USBUniversal Serial Bus (aka USB) devices have become a staple for every computer user. Whether it’s a wireless mouse, printer, or external hard drive, most devices are USB compatible.

This can make things very difficult, however, when you start having problems with a USB device. Is it a virus? Is it the device? Is the cord bad? Is it the computer? These are just a few possible sources of your PC problems, but there is an easy way to see if your computer is the cause of the trouble.…

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Speed Up Windows 7 – How To Make Windows 7 Faster!

There are numerous ways to increase performance and speed of a computer.

Similar to sports cars, there are always innovative small tweaks that can be made to get better performance.  You can always just buy a better engine, but there are also small tweaks such as a spoiler, or lighter hoods.

PCs are the same.  You can buy new computer parts, get a new computer, get more RAM, and they’ll make things faster, or… you can make some small tweaks that will also increase your PC speed and performance.

Here are some tips to speed up your Windows 7 PC:…

How To Speed Up Your Computer For Free

Many users wonder, “How can I speed up my computer?” This is an age-old question that seems to be the pinnacle of computer repair and maintenance.

To answer the question of how to speed up your computer and more importantly how to speed up your computer for free, we must first go to the computer itself instead of third party cleaning software.

There are many actions that can be taken within the operating system to speed up a computer. Do not forget to save all work and projects before embarking on the quest of how to speed up your computer.…

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