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Try Windows 8 Before It’s Officially Released

Windows 8 Start-Up Time Will Be Faster Than Windows 7 and Windows VistaVery soon, Microsoft will be announcing the official release of the new Windows 8 operating system. If you haven’t yet heard much about Windows 8, there’s a lot in store for this new OS. Windows 8 provides drastic changes over Windows 7 and all previous released of Windows.…

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How to Protect Yourself From Malware

Protect yourself from malwareAs the most popular version of Windows since XP, Windows 7 is an obvious target for hackers who create dangerous programs designed to infect your computer. Since it’s release, Windows 7 has experienced a nearly 30% increase in malware attacks. At the same time, Windows XP attacks are declining. So how can ¬†you keep your information secure and best avoid being affected by malware?…

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How to Make Windows 7 Easier to Read

Microsoft WindowsIf you’re like me, you can get a little enthralled by everything you do on your computer. It can be hard for me to take my eyes off the monitor at times.

The longer you look, however, the more tired your eyes can get. Especially if you find yourself straining your eyes to read small text. For those of you who spend a lot of time on the computer, there are ways you can improve your Windows 7 interface. Here are some steps you can take to make the text on your PC monitor easier to see.…

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Windows is Now More Secure Than You Think

You hear it all the time. It’s almost considered common knowledge that Microsoft’s Windows operating system is insecure, unsafe, and an easy target for hackers.

But now, according to renown security firm Kaspersky Lab, that conventional wisdom is just plain wrong.

In their latest quarterly malware report, Kaspersky Lab’s discovered that none of the top 10 malware and security threats are¬†Microsoft-related. That’s right… not even ONE.

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7 Reasons to Upgrade to Windows 7

Though it is hardly a “Brand New” operating system, having been released in October 2009, many PC users still have not made the upgrade to Windows 7, for various reasons.

If you are still running Windows Vista or Windows XP on your computer, here are 7 reasons why you should upgrade to the latest release, Windows 7.…

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