Month: March 2011

Tips And Tricks For Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2010

Each new version of computer software offers new features and product updates, making tips and tricks for Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2010 necessary. The program offers uses a new look at the standard program and even allows users to integrate performances of other software into one program.
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How To Format Your Hard Drive

There are many reasons a user will choose to format hard drive on a computer. Ranging from a way to optimize pc strategies or even perhaps to clean a hard drive of all information if selling the machine to another person. A format hard drive procedure is basically the same on all machines and the results should be similar as well.
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How To Turn Off Your Computer Properly in Windows 7

Many computer users are unaware of how to turn off your computer properly in Windows 7. Fortunately, there are safe ways to go about this task and not harm the computer in the process. Shutting down the computer with unsafe methods can cause harm to the hard drive and can also lead to memory loss. Unsaved work can be lost, which leads to frustrated computer users. Windows 7 contains a program that instructs the computer to shut down in a safe manner. Simply unplugging the power defeats the purpose of this program that you paid good money for. Following a …

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How To Delete Files Using Disk Cleanup in Windows 7

Learning how to delete files using disk cleanup in Windows 7 can save hard drive space and speed up system performance. The temporary Internet files folder contains all the information used to surf websites recently visited. Essentially most of website content is saved in the temporary Internet files folder for faster and easier access. Users who do not know how to delete files using disk cleanup in Windows 7 will experience slower than normal computer performance. However, occasionally clearing the temporary Internet files folder will eliminate this performance issue. Knowing how to delete files using disk cleanup in Windows 7

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Windows 7 Security Checklist

Using a Windows 7 security checklist is a great way to ensure the maximum amount of protection while operating Windows 7. Windows firewall, Windows defender, and Windows updates are just a few of the useful features provided by Microsoft for Windows 7 users. Take advantage of this free protection by going through a checklist of vital Windows 7 security features.Learn About Windows 7 Security Checklist with Free Computer Maintenance

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