Month: November 2010

Speed Up Access To Data With Disk Defragmenter

Learn More About Speeding Up Your Computer With Free Computer Maintenance

If you suffer from a slow computer that crashes or freezes then you can use a free computer maintenance tool like Microsoft Disk Defragmenter that will not only speed up access to data but also speed up your computer in general.

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Remove Programs You Don’t Need Anymore

Learn About Removing Programs You Don't Need Anymore Slow Computer with Free Computer Maintenance

Microsoft has built-in features that allows your to remove programs you don’t need anymore. Even small programs can consume your computer’s system resources which leads to computer slow down, crashes and freezes. When your Windows system resources are low your computer has less processing power for each application. Having even a few unnecessary programs adds to your computer’s program bloat, and some of these programs can unnecessarily siphon or hog system resources. This problem is coupled when these programs launch with the Windows start-up process. Even if you have a new operating system, removing programs you don’t need in Windows

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Delete Old Files

Learn About Deleting Old Files For A Faster Computer With Free Computer MaintenancePart of regular computer maintenance is making sure old and unnecessary files in your Recycle Bin are deleted. Not only does deleting files keep your computer more organized but it also keeps your computer from slowing down as it searches for the specific file that you need. Running computer maintenance, like deleting old files, may seem unneeded or without reason, but if files are allowed to accumulate you make soon have a slow computer. New files are stored in your computer every time you access a webpage or download a file. The volume of files saved to your computer …

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Make Your Computer More Secure With Computer Maintenance

Make Your Computer more Secure with Computer Maintenance

Did you know that you can make your computer more secure by performing computer maintenance? Microsoft provides users with a suite of programs and applications that when used in concert provides your computer with comprehensive protection from Internet attacks and the installation of malicious programs like spyware, trojans and viruses. Performing regular computer maintenance can help protect your Windows computer from information being compromised and stolen, or files from being deleted.…

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Remove Spyware

Learn About Spyware with Free Computer Maintenance

Spyware is a word that can strike fear in anyone’s heart, but regular computer maintenance can prevent spyware from taking over your computer. Spyware can install itself onto your computer through a variety of methods. Opening an email attachment from an unknown email address of even a friend can infect your computer with malicious software. Spyware can be also be accidentally installed during the installation of other programs through file transfer services like P2P platforms such as LimeWire or through torrent services like BitLord. By far the most popular way spyware is installed is through websites that take advantage …

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