Month: December 2011

Disk Defrag And Disk Cleanup For A Faster Computer

Disk defragmenterEveryone wants a fast computer, but over time any computer will decrease in overall speed.

Simply buying a faster computer can solve speed problems, however in many cases the old computer can have its speed increased with a few troubleshooting actions. Fast computers are fast because their hardware and software are kept clean and organized.

Want a fast computer? Use Disk Defrag and Disk Cleanup to their full potential and enjoy the benefits of a fast computer. Ensure that you backup all sensitive documents and data before attempting to get a faster computer.…

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Protect your personal files: Eliminate private information permanently from your hard drive

Whether you’re going to a new job and returning a machine, selling your old computer, or donating it, you need to be very cautious of what information is left on the device.

After all, if it was a personal computer or work machine, it’s more than likely there is sensitive information on them.  They may have held credit card numbers, social security numbers, passwords, birth dates, and even personal emails, everything needed for a nefarious individual to potentially damage and/or harm your life.

The recycle bin is not good enough and is actually a bit elusive in leading you to …

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How to help your parents learn how to use technology

For older generations, the first computers that came out served specialized purposes and niche needs.  It was no wonder they didn’t bother to learn about them until they became more powerful and more useful. Now computer are almost a necessity.

For this reason, more often than not, older people (such as your parents) will probably just call someone (like you) to fix it instead of learning the process themselves.  Everyone also has that one or two friends that have no idea how to use technology.  Either way, this post is to help you help them catch their own fish.

Google …

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Ways to Keep your Windows Desktop Organized

Fences for Windows Desktop organizationIn addition to the toolbar and shortcuts used in Windows, there are more modifications you can utilize to create a more efficient and functional desktop to suit more of your needs. These third party Windows programs offer what the standard interface does not… and they’re all free.…

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Speed up your PC: Automate your computer maintenance schedule

In our previous articles we have mentioned the importance of maintenance.  Generally, this includes the three D’s; disk defragging, disk checking, and disk cleaning.

Some people recommend that they are done weekly, which can make PC maintenance a rather time-wasting effort.  Just see for yourself. Here, we have a comprehensive (rather long) guide of built-in ways to schedule some of these tasks. These steps below are for Windows 7 PC’s, although they should also be valid for Windows Vista.

Or… of course you could simply sign up for our Free Computer Maintenance software, which will incredibly reduce the time …