Disk Defrag with Free Computer Maintenance

Disk Defrag with Free Computer Maintenance

Why is Disk Defrag Important?

Disk Defragmentation may sound like a complicated procedure to be left only to computer whizzes but is actually a core component of Free Computer Maintenance that anyone who wants a computer that runs quickly and efficiently can take advantage of. Disk Defragmenter is a tool built into all versions of the Windows operating system dating back to Windows 95. Disk Defragmenter is a part of Free Computer Maintenance that aimss to improve performance by reorganizing the files on your hard drive to allow your computer to locate files more quickly and allowing your computer to run more efficiently.

Hard drives are complicated devices part of nearly every personal computer that store all of your information like documents, music and movies. Though these files are stored in a complicated manner, they are not always stored in the most efficient manner which is why Free Computer Maintenance is important. For example, when saving a picture sent over e-mail your computer chooses one location on your hard drive for storage of this file. Visiting a website and downloading a song may place that music file physically next to the photo that was also downloaded previously. When viewing these files in a folder on your computer the files may looks like they are right next to each other on your screen, but may be physically stored in different locations on your hard drive. The lag time in searching for the locations of these files creates performance issues on your computer and often times slow down the processing ability of your computer. This is just one example (of many) how regular computer use will over time lead to a slow and sluggish computer without Free Computer Maintenance. Over time files that are often used may be spread over various parts of your hard drive leading to significant pitfalls in your computers ability to perform in a quick and efficient manner by using Disk Defrag.

Microsoft Disk Defragmenter is a part of Free Computer Maintenance and working in concert with other parts of Free Computer Maintenance allows your computer to increase its ability to quickly locate, modify or delete files which boosts your overall computer performance. A relay racing team is only as fast as its slowest runner, and a computers hard drive is the slowest part of the processor, RAM and hard drive computer team. Increasing your hard drives speed also increases your gross computer power. Disk Defrag works by scanning your hard drive’s information which are stored into units called “sectors.” One file may be spread over thousands of different sectors which may not all be grouped next to each other. Disk Defrag is a Free Computer Maintenance tool that groups these sectors together. When sectors are grouped together your computer spends less time looking for files which increases speed and efficiency.

Free Computer Maintenance automatically schedules Windows Disk Defragmenter, as well as other performance boosting applications, so that you never have to worry about remembering to run regular computer maintenance applications.  Sign up in the blue box above to get started with Free Computer Maintenance!

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