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Why Google Chrome is a Great Web Browser

Google Chrome web browserWith all of the choices available today, it may seem like a difficult task to select the best browser from the most popular choices which may seem to all be quite similar to each other. Though they may look the same at first glance, there are actually quite noticeable differences in the speed, convenience, stability, compatibility and security of each. Which browser or browsers would be your choice?

Google Chrome has 200 million active users now. According to StatCounter, Chrome has been the secondpopular web browser used in computer from January to June 2012, only behind Internet Explorer, and …

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5 Time-saving Windows 7 tips

Learning how to do things faster is a big part of life.  When you do things faster, often times it means you get more done.  And that does not exclude the time when you are using a computer.

Here are five time-saving Windows tips for those of you using Windows 7 to speed up your PC experience.…

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