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How to Improve PC Performance and Make Windows Run Faster

Sure your state-of-the-art computer looks shiny and fast when you first purchase it, but as always, it seems to get slower over time. You install anti-virus software and dozens of applications, download thousands of MP3 music files, and before you know it, your PC seems to respond extremely slow to every action you try to perform.

So how can you fix your system to get it running like new again? Here are some invaluable tips on how to improve performance and make Windows run faster on your PC again, without upgrading hardware!…

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Top 5 Tips for New Computer Users

If you are a new or first-time computer user, these 5 tips can help you make better use of your computer and protect your investment.…

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20 Quick Windows 7 Tips to Boost Performance

These 20 quick tips can help you boost the performance of your Windows 7 machine in 10 minutes or less!

This video is a consolidation of Windows 7 tips from the Faster 7 series, which was produced by The PCMichiana Tech Help Show.…

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