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Why & How to Back Up Your Important Files and Photos

In today’s day in age, when we have gigabytes (or even terabytes) of important items in digital form, it is very important to regularly back up all of your “can’t lose” files to an external backup drive (or an online storage solution). There’s an infinite number of problems that could suddenly render your computer and its locally stored files useless. Viruses, system crashes, and hardware failures are just a few of this potential problems that could occur without warning.
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Top 5 Tips for New Computer Users

If you are a new or first-time computer user, these 5 tips can help you make better use of your computer and protect your investment.…

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Importance of Backing Up Personal Files and Other Data

One of the most time consuming and tedious parts of regular computer maintenance is backing up personal files and other data. These files go beyond your typical documents and photos but also include Windows settings like desktop wallpapers or layouts for programs like Microsoft Word or your internet browser.

Learn about Windows Backup with Free Computer Maintenance

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