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7 Easy Way to Speed Up Your PC

Over time, the speed of all computers running Microsoft Windows will decrease. It’s like the natural aging process. But also like the natural aging process, there are steps you can take to improve the performance and help your PC run sustain smoother performance over time.

You will notice the aging, as your PC begins taking more time to respond, or open files and folders. You may even notice a decrease in the speed of your Internet connection.

Here are 7 great steps you can take to improve your computer’s performance.…

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How I speed up my PC free: Get a fast PC with disk defrag

All who are dependent on computers for their everyday lives desires a fast PC. In the world of today that demographic encompasses nearly everyone. Over time, a fast PC will slow down due to numerous problems. That can happen when a large program is installed or when large amounts of files are saved on the hard drive.

The obvious question is, “How can I speed up my PC for free?” Luckily, one of those problems can be addressed with ease and also at no cost.

Disk Defragmenter is a free utility provided by Microsoft, which comes with all Windows operating …

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Make your computer faster: Maintenance tips to speed up your PC

A computer’s speed gradually slows down linearly with use as times goes on.  Registry libraries expand, hard drives fill up, nefarious files sneak in, and the gears of our computers are not grinding as fast as the day we opened the box or maybe have even come to a halt.

Like cars, they must  be maintained to ensure usability and efficiency.  Don’t worry, though, maintaining a computer is less time consuming and wallet consuming.  There must be computer maintenance, so here are some tips to make your computer faster and more furious.


Update. Make sure your operating system and …

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How to use ReadyBoost in Windows 7 to speed up your PC

If you are running Windows 7 on your PC, and you have an unused USB flash drive, then you can use ReadyBoost to speed up your system.  Using a fairly new concept, ReadyBoost, allows you to use flash memory—like a USB flash drive or a memory card—to virtually add system memory and improve performance without having to physically open your computer to add standard memory modules.

Check out this short video from Mike Agerbo of GetConnectedTV to get a better understanding of how ReadyBoost works in Windows 7.

Here are step-by-step instructions on how to turn ReadyBoost on or off …

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Computer freezes? Need a PC doctor to fix slow computers? Here’s how I clean my PC for free

Finding a PC doctor to fix slow or freezing computers can be a bothersome task that many users would rather not experience. Some PC doctors perform PC  clean ups with great accuracy, however they can be expensive. Users on a budget want to know “How can I clean my PC for FREE?”

Computer freezes can sometimes be fixed by running a simple PC clean up application. Downloading a free PC doctor or similar program can save you lots of time that would otherwise be spent waiting for a program to load or a file to save.

Here’s how I clean …

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