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Boost the Speed of your Slow PC Before it’s Too Late

When using a PC for complex tasks (such as using Photoshop) or even basic tasks, like browsing the web, you want the maximum possible speed you can get our of your computer. When you’re watching a YouTube video or taking an online video tutorial, how do you feel when you are not getting the desired speed? Most people would say impatient and irritated.

Most likely, you have experienced this on more than one occasion. If your internet connection is showing correct speed, then why is your PC slow? There might be several reasons for it. You first need to …

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Restore your computer to maximum performance

Automated Disk Cleanup with Free Computer MaintenanceTo keep your computer running at maximum performance it is very important to regularly perform various system tasks. This helps to quickly repair small issues as they occur, rather than letting the small issues build up and potentially cause more serious issues. The most important of these tasks include the disk defragmenter and disk cleanup tools. Another problem that is often overlooked, however, is spyware.…

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3 Tips to Increase Free Disk Space on Your Computer

not enough free disk space - Windows XPDepending on the size of the hard drive in your computer, you may see the “Not Enough Free Disk Space” pop-up box too often; especially if you install new program and/or download files from the internet often.

So, what do you do when you see this error? It’s a very bad idea to just begin deleting random files that you don’t recognize. Often, many ill-informed computer users discover that this solution can backfire and cause even more problems when they realize that one of the deleted files was an important file for software of Windows to operate properly.

Here are …

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Delete Temporary Windows Files to Speed Up Your Computer

delete temporary filesOver time, your Windows PC will build up temporary files. What are these temporary files for, you ask. Well, every time you run a program, temporary files are created periodically for backup purposes. This way, if the program happens to crash, the temporary files can potentially help you pick back up where you left off.

These temporary files are not automatically deleted after the program is shut down, so if you do not clean out these temp files regularly, you may have thousands of unnecessary files stored on your computer.

As you probably already know, these additional, unneeded files are …

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Why does my computer have “low disk space”?

Learn About Low Disk Space Error in Microsoft Windows with Free Computer Maintenance

If you have had your computer for a while,  then you have likely built up a collection of files over time. We use our computers to store photos, videos, documents, and we install numerous programs to help make our PCs more useful.

Depending on how large your hard drive is, however, you will also likely see the “Low Disk Space” notification message pop up in your taskbar, no matter whether you are using the older Windows XP operating system or the newer Windows 7 OS. But what does this mean, and how can you fix the problem?

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