Boost the Speed of your Slow PC Before it’s Too Late

When using a PC for complex tasks (such as using Photoshop) or even basic tasks, like browsing the web, you want the maximum possible speed you can get our of your computer. When you’re watching a YouTube video or taking an online video tutorial, how do you feel when you are not getting the desired speed? Most people would say impatient and irritated.

Most likely, you have experienced this on more than one occasion. If your internet connection is showing correct speed, then why is your PC slow? There might be several reasons for it. You first need to determine whether there is only one issue or multiple issues.

If speed of your internet connection is not a problem then you might first need to focus on the hardware that you have in your PC. Hard drives are one of the most common computer parts that can cause a computer to run slowly. Proper and regular maintenance of your computer can resolve many hard drive issues.. There are many hard drive maintenance software programs available at which are all trustworthy solutions.

You can also use Windows’ built-in utility program, Disk Cleanup, to remove the temporary and unnecessary files from your hard drive. Disk defragmentation helps to optimize speed by arranging all the files and data in order. Many times, a slow computer is the result of a fragmented hard drive and defragmentation can greatly enhance its efficiency.

Malicious programs like viruses and spyware can also reduce the speed of your computer. You should always make sure you have the latest version of your antivirus and anti-spyware solutions for maximum defense against virus and malware infections. All antivirus programs allow you to scan and remove viruses and malware from your computer.

Registry errors are also sometimes responsible for reducing the speed of your computer. Registry is the heart of your computer and so you need to fix all registry errors as soon as you encounter them. But while fixing one of the registry errors you might create another one. So for the purpose of fixing registry errors you need to use a safe and reliable registry cleaner software program. You can also download one of the free diagnostic software programs from trusted sites on internet.

Once you determine the factors that slow down your PC then you can isolate the problem to fix it. There are many simple diagnostic software programs to troubleshoot your slow computer so you can fix any problems.

Your have just five minutes left for bidding an item on a shopping website. You have the chance of getting the item on less than half of its original price. You click on the item to open the bidding page. Then you click on the bidding option button to quote your rate. But the message comes and says that the time is up. What needed less than a minute or two took more than five minutes. Now you’re frustrated! You have lost the golden chance of getting the item. So it is the time that you fix your slow computer.

The amount of space available on the hard drive is one of the main concerns regarding a slow PC. As computer and We search for different software on web to make our working easy. We keep overloading our hard disk by frequent downloads. Also running this software online requires temporary files to be downloaded to the Windows system folder on your hard drive.

You can free lot of your hard drive space by manually deleting the temp files from the windows folder. If you’re unsure of what you’re doing, then you’ll want to avoid this method.

Also when we delete programs the particular blocks in the memory of the hard disk gets empty. So when we store any new files it takes time to find the free space available in the disk. You can fix this with the Disk Cleanup tool that is available in the System Tools. From Start Menu select Programs and go to Accessories and select System Tools.

You can also use Disk Defragmenter so that the data in the blocks of memory can be rearranged in the proper manner. Doing this will help saving a new file to require comparatively less time. Also it removes the corrupted blocks from the memory making more space in hard drive to boost the operating speed of your slow PC.

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