Author: James Woolley

How I Automatically Fix My Computer Issues

Microsoft Fix it - fix computer problemsWhen your computer starts slowing down, it can be any number of problems. Running maintenance tools can fix the problem, but what if your PC is still sluggish after you try and fix it?

Any number of issues can bog down your computer, and running through every possible scenario can be time consuming.┬áThat’s where Microsoft Fix It can help. This program can diagnose and fix problems on your computer automatically.…

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Disk Defrag And Disk Cleanup For A Faster Computer

Disk defragmenterEveryone wants a fast computer, but over time any computer will decrease in overall speed.

Simply buying a faster computer can solve speed problems, however in many cases the old computer can have its speed increased with a few troubleshooting actions. Fast computers are fast because their hardware and software are kept clean and organized.

Want a fast computer? Use Disk Defrag and Disk Cleanup to their full potential and enjoy the benefits of a fast computer. Ensure that you backup all sensitive documents and data before attempting to get a faster computer.…

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Free Computer Maintenance Makes A PC Tune Up Easy

Need a computer tune up?

The best computer maintenance to get is free computer maintenance. PC maintenance can be a hassle, but luckily there are ways to perform a PC tune up with very little distress.

The tools necessary for free computer maintenance are already on your computer, which makes the entire process free of charge. Here are a few of the steps to perform a free computer tune up and never pay for expensive tune up programs again.…

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How To Speed Up the Boot Time of Your PC

There are few things worse when you are in a hurry than waiting for a slow computer to start.

Even after Windows loads, more processes you don’t need to use that are set to run on startup can slow your computer to a crawl.

One way to fix your computer’s boot time is to use the Microsoft Configuration tool, or msconfig.exe. This tool can influence many important facets of your computer, so be sure to follow the steps below.…

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How To Fix Problems With USB Devices in Windows

USBUniversal Serial Bus (aka USB) devices have become a staple for every computer user. Whether it’s a wireless mouse, printer, or external hard drive, most devices are USB compatible.

This can make things very difficult, however, when you start having problems with a USB device. Is it a virus? Is it the device? Is the cord bad? Is it the computer? These are just a few possible sources of your PC problems, but there is an easy way to see if your computer is the cause of the trouble.…

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