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How to fix common PC problems

How to fix common PC problemsThis post will be more in broader strokes to accommodate on different Windows operating systems.  So, instructions will not be as detailed and hopefully more easily understood.  If you are having problems with your PC some of these tips and advice can help you fix it.…

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How I Automatically Fix My Computer Issues

Microsoft Fix it - fix computer problemsWhen your computer starts slowing down, it can be any number of problems. Running maintenance tools can fix the problem, but what if your PC is still sluggish after you try and fix it?

Any number of issues can bog down your computer, and running through every possible scenario can be time consuming. That’s where Microsoft Fix It can help. This program can diagnose and fix problems on your computer automatically.…

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3 Quick Fixes for Common Computer Problems

Computers can be both excellent tools and sources of overwhelming frustration. Common recurring problems are frustrating and can take time to deal with if you don’t know the best way to fix the problem. Here are three common computer problems you may have run into and easy ways to fix them.…

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