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Spyware is a word that can strike fear in anyone’s heart, but regular computer maintenance can prevent spyware from taking over your computer. Spyware can install itself onto your computer through a variety of methods. Opening an email attachment from an unknown email address of even a friend can infect your computer with malicious software. Spyware can be also be accidentally installed during the installation of other programs through file transfer services like P2P platforms such as LimeWire or through torrent services like BitLord. By far the most popular way spyware is installed is through websites that take advantage of  internet browser security flaws.

Even after a spyware program has infected your computer, you are able to remove such malicious software either through regular computer maintenance or through more direct action. Sometimes it can be hard to tell if spyware is even present on your computer. Spyware can remain dormant on your computer remaining inactive until a program triggers its launch. More often then not, spyware is active during Internet browsing activities. Spyware is usually designed to steal personal information like passwords or bank account information by recording this kind of information and then transmitting it to computer hackers. Even while some spyware attempts to collect information in stealth, other types of malicious software can slow your computer down, or lead to crashes or freezes. Manually checking your computer for spyware can be a complicated and time consuming process, but with automated computer maintenance software you can easily check and remove spyware on a regular schedule. One piece of Microsoft Windows spyware maintenance is the Malicious Removal Tool, or MRT. This program will search your computers hard drive and remove any malicious software. MRT being a part of regular computer maintenance is a crucial part of making sure your computer runs quick and remains healthy.

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