Make Your Computer More Secure With Computer Maintenance

Make Your Computer more Secure with Computer Maintenance

Did you know that you can make your computer more secure by performing computer maintenance? Microsoft provides users with a suite of programs and applications that when used in concert provides your computer with comprehensive protection from Internet attacks and the installation of malicious programs like spyware, trojans and viruses. Performing regular computer maintenance can help protect your Windows computer from information being compromised and stolen, or files from being deleted.

Windows Update is the most important aspect of computer maintenance that helps secure your computer. Windows Update provides operating system software updates and security patches that would otherwise be left exposed. These holes can be exploited by hackers and their malicious programs to take over your computer for their own purposes. The holes can also be exploited through your Internet browser as some sites may not have the user’s best interest in mind. Often times malicious programs can be installed directly from a website to a hard drive with little or no user interaction. With regular computer maintenance, Windows Update plugs these types (and more) of security holes that hackers would like to exploit to steal sensitive information.

Windows Firewall is another tool that ties in with Windows Update in protecting your computer and keeping your private information secure. Windows Firewall is also a built-in tool for all Microsoft operating systems that allows users to accept or deny programs that request to access the Internet. This may be a normal behavior for an Internet browser, but provides the advantage of a Windows user being able to detect otherwise unknown programs and applications like spyware that attempts to transmit information using your Internet connection.

Performing computer maintenance to ensure that Windows Update is in-fact up to date as well as ensuring Windows Firewall is active and filtering properly is crucial to the protection of your computer’s information and stability.

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