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3 Ways to Protect Your Computer From Internet Viruses

We’ve all heard about the unimaginable havoc that can be wreaked on a computer, including loss of important documents, photos, and other files. This is why it is so important to take precautionary measures to be prepared and keep your computer safe from viruses, malware, and other harmful internet threats.

If you follow our three steps to protecting your computer, you can rest assured that you are prepared in advance.…

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How to Set Windows Vista to Automatically Install Updates

Windows Update is a Microsoft service that provides updates for Windows Vista and its installed components on your computer. Many different kinds of updates can be installed, from security updates to critical system updates that protect against newly discovered malware and system exploits. These updates can provide significant benefits to system security and reliability.

You can set Windows Vista  to automatically install recommended updates. To have Windows install important updates as they become available, automatic updating must be turned on using Windows Update. Follow these steps to turn on automatic updating for Windows Vista:…

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Windows 7 Security Checklist

Using a Windows 7 security checklist is a great way to ensure the maximum amount of protection while operating Windows 7. Windows firewall, Windows defender, and Windows updates are just a few of the useful features provided by Microsoft for Windows 7 users. Take advantage of this free protection by going through a checklist of vital Windows 7 security features.Learn About Windows 7 Security Checklist with Free Computer Maintenance

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How To Schedule Windows Update in Windows 7

Type "Windows Update" into the Windows 7 Search Box To Schedule An Update

Since the release of Windows 7 in 2009 there have been many improvements to the security features including the ability to schedule Windows Update in Windows 7. Many steps can be taken to optimize Windows 7, but possibly the most important is to make sure software is kept up to date. This can be done manually however; a much easier method is available. Optimize Windows 7 in just a few easy steps with free computer maintenance.

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Make Your Computer More Secure With Computer Maintenance

Make Your Computer more Secure with Computer Maintenance

Did you know that you can make your computer more secure by performing computer maintenance? Microsoft provides users with a suite of programs and applications that when used in concert provides your computer with comprehensive protection from Internet attacks and the installation of malicious programs like spyware, trojans and viruses. Performing regular computer maintenance can help protect your Windows computer from information being compromised and stolen, or files from being deleted.…

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