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How to make your old computer run like new

As time goes on our computers become more and more cluttered from the demands we put on them.  New, old and removed programs can clutter your hard drive with unused files, and junk builds up as we use our PCs to explore the messy Internet.

In addition, the programs that once ran so well on your computer regularly get updated with new features that demand more from our computers than the previous versions. All of this can make a fairly new computer run like an old PC that has been through the ringer.  If your computer no longer runs like …

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How To Speed Up Your Slow Computer

If you’ve used a computer for a while with no effective maintenance on it, you may be begging for information on how to speed up your slow computer. There are three major problems that cause your computer’s speed to drop: fragmentation, front-loaded software, and temporary files draining memory. Because most slow computers have all these problems, you need to address them simultaneously as well as you can. By repairing problems in your slow computer and eliminating things you don’t use, you can optimize the speed of your computer, potentially making it faster than when it was new.
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Basic Computer Maintenance

Basic computer maintenance is easier than most think. Service companies such as Geek Squad and other computer services charge obscene amounts of money to do basic system maintenance. These service companies perform tasks that anyone can do. A few simple clicks will save consumers hundreds of dollars that might have been spent on a limited computer examination and repair. Some services should be left to the professionals, but the majority of problems encountered on a computer can be solved by anyone with a mouse and keyboard. Provide free computer maintenance by following a few easy steps.

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