How to make your old computer run like new

As time goes on our computers become more and more cluttered from the demands we put on them.  New, old and removed programs can clutter your hard drive with unused files, and junk builds up as we use our PCs to explore the messy Internet.

In addition, the programs that once ran so well on your computer regularly get updated with new features that demand more from our computers than the previous versions. All of this can make a fairly new computer run like an old PC that has been through the ringer.  If your computer no longer runs like it did when you first purchased it, here are some ways to optimize your PC’s performance.

Keep it minimal.

By having plenty of free space it prevents your computer from being sluggish.  Remove programs or games you haven’t used in years, take advantage of all the free services online that give you space to put things on.  Services such as flickr, facebook, to put pictures on, and “clouds” can be used to the advantage of your own PC.

Optimize, optimize, optimize

This means taking advantage of all opportunities to help your computer run faster! Try some of these computer optimization tips:

Upgrade old & outdated parts

Sure… your computer may have been top of the line when you purchased it a couple of years ago, but the technology in today’s computer is improved and updated on such a frequent basis that it is not uncommon for computer hardware to become obsolete and unavailable in a matter of months, if not years.

One of my most common reccommendations to friends with slow or sluggish computers is to buy more RAM or system memory. Put simply, the more RAM your computer has, the better it can be at multitasking (or running multiple programs and performing multiple tasks at the same time).

For great prices on computer hardware, be sure to shop around. Try browsing various online shops, such as newegg, or your local electronic stores that sell computer hardware.  When the necessary homework is done, spending even less than $30 can help increase your computer performance greatly.

Perform regular computer maintenance

How is it possible to make something run like new without cleaning it or performing regular maintenance?   It’s not, that’s why we continue to stress computer maintenance.

Make sure you keep Windows is up-to-date with the latest Service Packs and important system updates.  These often contain updates that optimize your PC, improve compatibility with the latest hardware and software, as well as keep your computer as secure as possible.

If you are pressed for time, a great start is signing up for our Free Computer Maintenance software. It will help automate 3 important computer maintenance tasks (Disk Defragmenting, Disk Cleanup, and CHKDSK). Just set it and forget it!

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