Why Google Chrome is a Great Web Browser

Google Chrome web browserWith all of the choices available today, it may seem like a difficult task to select the best browser from the most popular choices which may seem to all be quite similar to each other. Though they may look the same at first glance, there are actually quite noticeable differences in the speed, convenience, stability, compatibility and security of each. Which browser or browsers would be your choice?

Google Chrome has 200 million active users now. According to StatCounter, Chrome has been the secondpopular web browser used in computer from January to June 2012, only behind Internet Explorer, and before Mozilla Firefox. Considering that Chrome’s first stable release was in 2008, many years after the first release of Internet Explorer and Firefox, it is easy to find out that Chrome download has gained its popularity more and more quickly.

Why is Google Chrome so popular?

1) Fast Loading Speed

Speed is usually the first deciding factor in which browser internet users consider when choosing what browser to use. In regards to speed, Google Chrome is remarkably fast to launch and load a page. In many benchmark tests, its navigation time is much quicker than the competition, including Safari, Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Opera, and it’s getting faster with every new release.

2) Stability

Compared with Firefox, Chrome usually crashes less often and is more stable when both browsers are run under the same conditions. More importantly, in Chrome, when a page crashes, only that one tab crashes instead of the whole browser. Chrome prevents what happens in one tab from affecting another and stops only the unresponsive tab, while other tabs continue to run.

In addition, Chrome provides a process management utility called Task Manager for users to check the memory and CPU power used by each tab and plug-in.

3) Clean, cool Interface

Once you download and install the Chrome internet browser, you will appreciate this function directly. Unlike other browsers, Chrome offers a clean window without menu options and toolbars on the interface, giving you the most screen real estate to view web content. To more quickly access your frequently visited website, you can choose Show bookmark bar from the Settings icon, which also provides additional options.

4) Full OS Support

Among the top 5 browsers, only Chrome, Firefox and Opera supports all desktop platforms, including Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.

Also, Google Chrome provides full support to import your bookmarks from other browsers that you have already been using for a while.

You can download Chrome directly from Google. Once you download Chrome and install it, Chrome will automatically prompt you to update if there is a new stable release. So no matter what version you downloadPsychology Articles, you can always get the latest version.Sign up for Free Computer Maintenance

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