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Clean Installation of Windows XP

A clean installation of Windows XP is a great option to consider when choosing an installation method. A clean install wipes the existing hard drive and formats it according to the operating system specifications. This is also known as reformatting. There are many reasons to reformat a hard drive, like for free computer maintenance. Upgrading from an existing operating system such as Windows 2000 can create compatibility issues with some software. A clean Windows installation ensures that none of the previous software or files associated with the old operating system are left on the hard drive. Always ensure that

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Basic Windows Vista Troubleshooting Guide

Troubleshooting Windows Vista can be a daunting task especially if the problem is unknown. Computer maintenance is important for every computer and is easily overlooked by many users. Computers become slow down due to a multitude of reasons, some of which are fixable with basic computer troubleshooting skills. Windows Vista provides users with a number of easy ways to troubleshoot problems and offers solutions to many of those problems.

Three common problems associated with slow computers are memory leaks, corrupted files, and bad file archiving. Windows Vista troubleshooting can find and fix memory leaks, identify corrupted files, and archive files

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How To Perform A Clean Installation of Windows Vista

Upgrading Windows operating systems has become a nearly painless task over the years, but with Windows Vista a clean installation is always best.

However you might be wondering how to perform a clean installation of Windows Vista. Before installing any operating system cleanly there are reasons to consider why this is the best choice and if you have the necessary Windows Vista installation requirements.

Learn More About How To Perform A Clean Installation of Windows Vista With Free Computer Maintenance

  • Drivers that cannot perform with new operating systems will present themselves and allow users to identify which need updates and which do not.
  • Formatting your hard drive is a great way to get rid of
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What Does That Mean? Defining Computer Terms: CPU, memory

“My CPU doesn’t have enough memory and keeps crashing. What computer maintenance software should I use?”

FreeComputerMaintenance.com is here again to help break down some of those confusing basic computer terms, to help prevent a slow computer and maintain steady mental operation for yourself. Last time we touched on hard drives, data, and OS (Operation Systems); this post’s phrase is going to focus on a common problem that you may hear online or in line at the local tech store — crashing. No, we aren’t talking about a collision of any sort, but rather the computer stopping in the …

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What Does That Mean? Defining Computer Terms

“Don’t forget to back-up your data before you reformat your hard drive and install your new OS!”

Learn Computer Terms at Free Computer Maintenance

Is this complete gibberish to you?

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