Author: Michael Tijerina

What Does That Mean? Too Many Cookies? Too Much Cache?

From the sound of it, having too much cache and cookies, wouldn’t necessarily be a bad thing. But, in the case of a computer, it can cause a computer slow down.Learn About Cookies And Cache with Free Computer Maintenance

What are cookies and cache?

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What Does That Mean? Defining Computer Terms: CPU, memory

“My CPU doesn’t have enough memory and keeps crashing. What computer maintenance software should I use?” is here again to help break down some of those confusing basic computer terms, to help prevent a slow computer and maintain steady mental operation for yourself. Last time we touched on hard drives, data, and OS (Operation Systems); this post’s phrase is going to focus on a common problem that you may hear online or in line at the local tech store — crashing. No, we aren’t talking about a collision of any sort, but rather the computer stopping in the …

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