What Does That Mean? Defining Computer Terms

“Don’t forget to back-up your data before you reformat your hard drive and install your new OS!”

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Is this complete gibberish to you?

Don’t worry. FreeComputerMaintenance.com is going to help define confusing computer jargon in the simplest way possible. Have you ever asked for help with your computer from your geeky brother or read a supposedly “helpful” article from a website only to be more confused than ever? It’s like computer people speak another language! Many computer help or tech support websites are hard to understand, so we’re going to explain about computers in layman’s terms. Free Computer Maintenance is doing what we can to simply your life when it comes to computers, whether it’s helping you understand how computers work or developing a program that automates all computer maintenance processes.

Now here’s a quick break-down of the phrase we said at the beginning of the article:

“Don’t forget to back-up your data before you reformat your hard drive and install your new OS!”

  • data – information stored on a computer, such as word documents, photos, computer programs like Microsoft Office
  • reformat – reset; completely deleting and erasing everything
  • hard drive –  a device similar to a floppy disk or compact disc where all of a computer’s information is physically stored.
    “Hard drive,” “hard disk drive,” and “hard disk” all basically refer to the same thing.
  • OS – short for “operating system.” Basically, an OS lets you interact with the computer. Without an OS, you would not be able to use a computer.
    Windows XP, Windows 7, Mac OS X Snow Leopard, and Linux are all examples of an OS.

Here’s some more helpful terms:

  • PC Optimizer – A program or collection of applications that work in concert to help speed up your computer.
  • Computer Maintenance – A set of actions or tasks that aim to keep your computer uncluttered and running quickly, securely and smoothly.
  • Firewall – A piece of software that acts as a buffer between your computer and the Internet and keeps your computer protected from viruses and hackers

Check back with the Free Computer Maintenance blog and the category “Computer Terms” to learn more computer words. Soon, you’ll be talking like a computer tech geek!

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