What Does That Mean? Too Many Cookies? Too Much Cache?

From the sound of it, having too much cache and cookies, wouldn’t necessarily be a bad thing. But, in the case of a computer, it can cause a computer slow down.Learn About Cookies And Cache with Free Computer Maintenance

What are cookies and cache?

Cookies and cache are temporary files that are downloaded from the Internet. Cookies or Computer Cookies are small text files that contain a unique ID tag from a website. It is placed on your computer by a website and the website will save a complimentary tag on its server. Cookies store various information, such as how many times you visit or when you visit. The next time you visit the site, the cookie on your computer matches up with the one on the site’s database and your visit is logged. There are two types of cookies, temporary and permanent. Temporary are automatically deleted when you leave the site, while permanent cookies are left on your computer to be used later.

Cache is another type of file that is used on a temporary level. For the internet, cache are files pulled from your computers that match up to internet applications to help speed up their operation. Cache files are similar to using RAM (random access memory) to be a middle ground that stores files so they can be accessed quickly.

Both cookies and cache are supposed to help you while surfing the internet, but after a while, it can lead to a slow computer and computer maintenance is needed. Thankfully, clearing out cookies and cache is a relatively simple task.

Looking under “Internet Options” in the tools menu you will find a “Browsing History” section, click the “Delete…” button and you will find a menu to delete temporary internet files, cookies, history, ect. This is where you will dispose of all of those pesky files that can cause a computer slow down. It is best to delete history and other temporary internet files to help keep things running smoothly, as well.

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