Month: November 2011

7 Charged with Using Malware to Rack Up $14M in Fake Ad Revenue

The Department of Justice has indicted seven people for allegedly hijacking millions of computers, manipulating traffic on popular websites, and generating more than $14 million in fraudulent advertising revenue.

The defendants — six Estonians and one Russian — allegedly hijacked more than 4 million computers using malware that rerouted Internet traffic to websites where they would get a cut of the ad revenue. Infected computers with users looking for popular websites such as Netflix, Amazon, and iTunes were rerouted to webpages that featured the defendants’ ads.…

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Top 3 Computer Maintenance Suggestions

Any number of problems can develop over time on a PC, and in order to keep your computer running like new, you’ll need to be able to perform some basic maintenance.

There are many tools available for diagnosing and fixing issues, and some come included with Windows so that you can use and stop problems before they start.

When used regularly, these three suggested tools for maintenance will keep your computer running at peak efficiency.…

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The Best Windows Optimizer Is Free – How to use Disk Cleanup

The best Windows optimizer is a free Windows optimizer. While this may come across as an obvious thought it is actually very common for users to look to third-party sites that charge enormous amounts just to optimize a Windows computer.

A very effective free Windows optimizer actually already exists on your current Windows PC. It’s called Disk Cleanup.…

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3 Tips to Improve PC Performance for Gaming

PC Gaming Graphics Card

Ever picked up a new game and wished that your frame rate was a little better or that your avatar didn’t look like something constructed out of cardboard boxes? PC gaming requires the right hardware to run the games, and despite many possible software adjustments the main consideration for a fast gaming PC is what’s in the case.

Follow these three tips to give your PC games a boost:…

How to choose strong passwords you can remember

As more and more of our lives become part of an electrical world and of the Internet, identity theft rises with it.  Many nefarious hackers and PC users try to access the online accounts of others with intentions of gaining access to valuable information such as credit card numbers.

For example, if someone is able to get the password to your facebook account, through that they can see much of your sensitive information. Even worse, if you have information on your facebook that could give away the password to your email account, it can become a real mess.  Through your …

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