The Best Windows Optimizer Is Free – How to use Disk Cleanup

The best Windows optimizer is a free Windows optimizer. While this may come across as an obvious thought it is actually very common for users to look to third-party sites that charge enormous amounts just to optimize a Windows computer.

A very effective free Windows optimizer actually already exists on your current Windows PC. It’s called Disk Cleanup.

Disk Cleanup locates and removes unnecessary files on the hard drive. These files come from multiple sources. Temporary Internet files are stored on a Windows PC when you navigate the Internet. Those files are normal to have because they increase the speed at which you can access your favorite web pages.

However, a Windows PC will store temporary Internet files indefinitely and these can increase in number over time. Eventually, all of these temporary files will start to occupy space on the hard drive that could be used for other valuable programs. This is where Disk Cleanup can help, to remove these files and free up much needed hard drive space.

A Windows optimizer will also check the recycle bin. The recycle bin contains files that you drop in it and it will not empty itself. A Windows PC can become much slower and lose hard drive space if an optimization process is not performed on a regular basis.

Another source of unnecessary files comes from uninstalled programs. Even though a program is uninstalled that does not necessarily mean that all of the files have been removed from the computer. Files that are left behind include registry files, indexing files, and copies of executable files.

The free Windows optimizer, Disk Cleanup, can locate and remove all of those unnecessary files. Before running any Windows optimizer programs on your Windows PC make sure to backup all important files to an external memory device.

Open Disk Cleanup on a Windows computer:

  1. Click the Start button.
  2. Select All Programs.
  3. Select Accessories.
  4. Select System Tools.
  5. Select Disk Cleanup.

Performing these actions will open Disk Cleanup, which provides you with numerous options to optimize your Windows PC. In the dialog box named Disk Cleanup Options, select to clean up the files on your Windows PC profile or the entire computer.

Next, the Disk Cleanup: Drive Selection box should appear. Select which drive or drives you want to clean up and select OK. Then locate and select theĀ Disk Cleanup tab and in this tab you can choose the files that you wish to delete. Ensure that there are no files you need before deleting them. Then select OK and select Delete files, which will begin the Windows optimizer process.

This free, built-in Windows optimizer might take a few moments to complete the optimization of your Windows PC.

Disk Cleanup is just one of many that you can access on your Windows PC. Be sure to explore the rest of the options in theĀ System Tools menu.Sign up for Free Computer Maintenance

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