How To Speed Up Your Computer For Free

Many users wonder, “How can I speed up my computer?” This is an age-old question that seems to be the pinnacle of computer repair and maintenance.

To answer the question of how to speed up your computer and more importantly how to speed up your computer for free, we must first go to the computer itself instead of third party cleaning software.

There are many actions that can be taken within the operating system to speed up a computer. Do not forget to save all work and projects before embarking on the quest of how to speed up your computer.

How to speed up your computer:

  • Hard Drive Space Management
  • Hard Drive Defragmenter
  • System Updates
  • Remove Malicious Software

Hard Drive Space Management

Managing the amount of space on your hard drive can solve many problems associated with a slow computer. The Disk Cleanup tool is a great utility that comes free with the Windows operating system.

Use Disk Cleanup to locate unnecessary files and delete them safely. Deleting unnecessary files is a great way to free up hard drive space, which can help to speed up a computer.

Old programs that you no longer use can be located by Disk Cleanup and deleted. Deleting old programs and unnecessary files is a fantastic method to speed up a computer.

Hard Drive Defragmenter

Learning how you can speed up your computer is essential even if you never connect your computer to the Internet. A computer that is never connected to the Internet can still experience speed issues.

Disk fragmentation happens to all Windows computers and can be treated by running Disk Defragmenter. Programs and other files are stored on the hard drive in different areas for indexing purposes and sometimes these files are not optimally placed to maximize your computer speed.

Use Disk Defragmenter to speed up a computer and free up hard drive space. Disk Defragmenter is a free utility provided in the Windows operating system.

System Updates

Performing regular system updates is a very good idea to answer the question of how to speed up a computer.

Ensuring that your system is up to date not only speeds up your computer, but it also keeps the system security up to date. It is recommended to schedule system updates on a recurring basis to ensure maximum system protection. Best of all, system updates are free for all Windows users.

Remove Malicious Software

Completing numerous tasks to speed up a computer can all be in vain if there is malicious software installed. Malicious software can be very tricky to locate and remove.

Microsoft provides many free malicious software removal utilities that can speed up a computer significantly. Knowing how to speed up your computer is a great skill to have and removing malicious software is one of the best ways to do this.

Next time you find yourself wondering, “How can I speed up my computer?” remember that most symptoms are caused by internal problems that can be fixed by using free tools provided with your computer. Be aware of the programs you download and make sure your firewall is up.

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