How To Optimize Windows Vista

Running Windows Vista on even the most expensive computer can eventually become a slow experience which may lead Vista users to wonder how to optimize Windows Vista. This Microsoft operating system may look different than older operating systems like Windows XP but functions in the same way which means it can suffer from the same kind of slow downs if free computer maintenance is not used on a regular basis. Keeping Windows Vista optimized on your computer is not a necessarily difficult process but be aware that over time Windows Vista can slow down even with low or moderate computer use. Your computer can slow down and get errors associated with a lack of computer maintenance that can also slow down your Windows Vista computer more than it already is. Microsoft software engineers are aware of these inherent problems with Windows Vista and created ways for users to help optimize their PC and make it run more quickly and efficiently.

How To Optimize Windows Vista with Free Computer Maintenance

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Delete Programs You Never Use To Optimize  Windows Vista

We all have them and see them every time we use our Windows Vista PCs but few of us actually do anything about it. Software companies enter in contracts with computer manufacturers to have programs and applications installed with Windows Vista, but you as the user did not request for these programs and will probably never use them. Most annoying of all is how most of these programs are trial versions that often expire rather quickly and just sit on your computer taking up system resources (RAM) and processing power (CPU).

There are also programs that Windows Vista users download and use only one time for a specific purpose but never get around to deleting after use. A combination of both of these ways programs and applications end up on your hard drive can create a considerable slow down to your Windows Vista computer. Not only does it take extra time for your computer to boot up but your computer may also run more slowly once it has finally booted up. Preform free computer maintenance and delete these programs to optimize  Windows Vista.

Defragment Your Hard Drive To Optimize Your PC

Fragmentation may seem like a complicated computer term but it does wonders for how efficiently your computer’s hard drive runs. To understand why fragmentation is an important part of free computer maintenance and optimizing your PC computer users must know how their computer’s hard drive works.  A hard drive stores information on different physical locations known as sectors. As the hard drive spins around it attempts to store information as efficiently as possible by placing chunks of similar information close to each other, but hard drives can’t always do this. Sometimes two different files saved at the same time can be saved in two different locations on your hard drive. When your hard drives tries to pull up those two files again in the future it will take extra time to not only find that information but then present the information to the user.

This extra time is essentially a waste of time and electricity but can be avoided with free computer maintenance which optimizes your PC. Running Disk Defrag with free computer maintenance is an easy and automated process that helps organize these files as to facilitate faster operation. Disk Defrag consolidates sectors helping your hard drive find files more quickly which helps your Windows Vista computer run faster and in a more optimized manner. Who doesn’t want that?

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