Month: May 2012

Stay Safe When Using Email

stay safe when using emailIn today’s day in age, everyone has an email address. It’s a necessity as much as having a phone. But, are you keeping your computer safe when you use email? How cautious are you being when you read your inbox?

You may not be aware, but there are dozens of potential threats you could face if you don’t take the right steps to stay safe. Here are some quick tips you can follow to best keep your computer (and your private information) out of harm’s way.…

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Why Windows 8 Will Speed Up your Computer Use

Windows 8 will make my PC faster

In case you are not aware, Microsoft has testing well underway for the upcoming iteration of it Windows operating system, Window 8. In fact, the new Microsoft OS is expected to be released sometime this year.

With that said, Windows 8 will completely change how we use our computers. Currently, we are used to the traditional boot up process that all computers go through. You press the power button, a black screen appears with a lot of scrolling text, the Windows logo eventually appears, and then the Windows graphical environment that we all know and love finally comes up at …

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The Top Causes of a Slow Computer and How to Fix Them

We have all experienced a slow computer, and if your computer is slow now, you are not alone. But, what is causing your computer to run so slow?

There are so many different parts of a computer and it’s operating system that it can be hard to pinpoint where a specific issue is occuring, especially if you have limited knowledge of computers.

Instead of hiring somebody to tell you what’s wrong with your computer, it will save you money to determine the cause of your slow PC on your own so that you can fix it yourself, or at least …

How to (Really) Delete Computer Files For Good

remove unused programs to speed up your computerWe are all familiar with the delete function on Windows computers. It’s that indispensable feature that allows you to remove unneeded or unnecessary files stored on your hard drive. But did you know that you are not really removing a file from your hard drive by simply using this delete feature alone.

Find out why this is and how you can take the proper steps to ensure that a file is completely gone from your hard drive to free up valuable space.…

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Must-read Resources to Help You Better Use Your PC

learn how to make better use of your computerLet’s face it! There are so many different features of the Windows operating system and so many different tasks that can be performed, that you could not possibly understand everything that’s possible and which can make your life easier.

In order to help you make better use of your computer, we have compiled a list of several informative computer help resources that can help with everything from speeding up your computer to learning how to use Microsoft Office.

If you often find yourself at a loss when trying to do things on your computer, read these articles and you will …

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