Month: January 2012

Why you should perform regular virus scans

perform regular virus scans of your computerAs we’re sure you know, computer viruses are dangerous and they can wreak havoc on your PC. They can make all of the files and data on your computer vulnerable to being stolen by ill-intentioned hackers. This includes your account passwords, credit card data, and potentially much more private information.

Rather than waiting until a virus attacks your computer to take action, prepare yourself in advance to fend off viruses by performing regular virus scans. All you needs is reliable antivirus software from trusted, reputable company. Some great options for antivirus software include…

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Why does my computer have “low disk space”?

Learn About Low Disk Space Error in Microsoft Windows with Free Computer Maintenance

If you have had your computer for a while,  then you have likely built up a collection of files over time. We use our computers to store photos, videos, documents, and we install numerous programs to help make our PCs more useful.

Depending on how large your hard drive is, however, you will also likely see the “Low Disk Space” notification message pop up in your taskbar, no matter whether you are using the older Windows XP operating system or the newer Windows 7 OS. But what does this mean, and how can you fix the problem?

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Remove unused software to help speed up your PC

remove unused programs to speed up your computerEven small programs can consume your computer’s system resources which leads to computer slow down, crashes and freezes. When your Windows system resources are low your computer has less processing power for each application.

Having even a few unnecessary programs can unnecessarily hog system resources. In addition, many programs launch in the background as Windows starts up, which can begin slowing down your computer before you even begin using it.

To alleviate this problem, Windows has a tool that allows your to remove programs that you don’t need or want anymore.  Even if you have a new operating system, such

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How to make your PC boot faster

speed up my PC boot timeIf you turn off your computer often, it’s likely that you turn it on just as much.  Sometimes computer load times seem to take so long that you could eat breakfast and perform morning exercises, while still waiting to use your PC. It can be like you’re waiting on a turtle.

While computers have come a long way since the days of floppy drives, there are still things you can do to help shave off some seconds and make your computer boot faster. As a result, you can save time, headaches, and possibly money to make your PC boot faster.…

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How to fix common PC problems

How to fix common PC problemsThis post will be more in broader strokes to accommodate on different Windows operating systems.  So, instructions will not be as detailed and hopefully more easily understood.  If you are having problems with your PC some of these tips and advice can help you fix it.…

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