Month: February 2011

Everything You Wanted to Know About Laptop Battery Life

Laptop battery life is incredibly important for computer users. If you regularly use your laptop while on the go, chances are you rely heavily on its battery. Whether you’re a casual gamer or a freelancer who depends on a computer for your income, it’s important to carefully maintain your computer to ensure the battery works properly and holds a charge. By following a few simple free computer maintenance tips, you can increase the life of your laptop and enjoy convenient, cordless computer use.
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How To Hide Files On Your Computer

There are many reasons you may need to hide files on your computer. There are also several methods for hiding these files, and the simplest ones are quite effective for most people. Start by bringing multiple files you want hidden together into the same folder, if practical. It’s quicker to hide an entire folder than to hide individual files.
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How To Speed Up Your Slow Computer

If you’ve used a computer for a while with no effective maintenance on it, you may be begging for information on how to speed up your slow computer. There are three major problems that cause your computer’s speed to drop: fragmentation, front-loaded software, and temporary files draining memory. Because most slow computers have all these problems, you need to address them simultaneously as well as you can. By repairing problems in your slow computer and eliminating things you don’t use, you can optimize the speed of your computer, potentially making it faster than when it was new.
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How Windows Firewall Protects Your Computer

You’ve heard that you need virus protection and spyware protection for your computer, but the Windows Firewall may seem like overkill. It’s not. Because of the way computers work, you can never have too many protections on your system, provided they do not slow it down too much. While viruses and spyware help clean things from your computer that you have accidentally invited in, the firewall acts to keep things out, period.
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How To Choose A Good Surge Protector

All computer users should know how to choose a good surge protector. A good surge protector is a great investment for anyone who values his or her electronics. An unexpected lightning strike can fry all components in a house and leave a consumer devastated. Although, this is largely unavoidable there are steps to take to ensure less powerful surges do not damage equipment. Knowing how to choose a good surge protector enables you to protect computers and other appliances from these unwanted surges.

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