Month: December 2012

4 Windows 7 Features You Never Knew About

Windows 7 has a few hidden features which many users have never used or even known about. Here are a few of these hiddenWindows 7 gems.

Aero Shake

In Windows 7, when you click on the title bar of any window and shake it every other open window gets minimised straight back in to your taskbar, reducing clutter on your screen. This allows you to focus on the one window and then when ready shake it again and the other windows will reappear.

Additional Aero features include Aero Snap which allows you to quickly and easily rearrange your desktop by …

7 Steps to a Safer Computer

Within the world of computing, there are those who study systems, networks, and programming extensively. Unfortunately, there are those who study those same areas to take advantage of other computer users. Dubbed ‘hackers,’ these individuals can create problem programs, take control of networks, and cause all sorts of difficulties for users. Fortunately, there are a number of things you can do to protect you PC against hackers.

1) Install security software

Make certain you have the three major components of security software installed on your computer. You will need a strong firewall, great antivirus software, and a reliable antispyware application.

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