Welcome to FreeComputerMaintenance.com

FreeComputerMaintenance.com is a FREE service that is provided by IT, Information Technology, professionals who are sensitive to the frustration others experience in dealing with their Personal Computer.

We are happy to provide some Free Computer Maintenance tasks that will be perform on regular intervals to assist in keeping your computer healthy and maintained . It is important that you monitor the basic health vitals of your computer so you can make certain it will not experience the following: Computer Crash, Missing or Damaged File Errors or the dreaded Blue Screen of Death.

This is a FREE service. THERE ARE NO “GOTCHAS”. Please rest assured, there are no hidden fees and no underhanded motives. All of the information we collect about your PC and your contact information remains confidential and we will not share that information with anyone.

Why are we doing this?

In a perfect world, we would be doing all of this for the betterment of mankind, the triumph of virtue over vice, and “for God and Country”.

These are all very worthy endeavors, yet there are many uneducated and/or time-constrained computer users who either don’t know how (or don’t have the time) to peform the tasks of cleaning and maintaining a personal computer.

There ARE costs associated with providing these services and we hope to cover them with future offerings of additional service and support options. Until that time, please use FreeComputerMaintenance.com services with our compliments.

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