Month: May 2011

Common Windows 7 Upgrade Problems

While the ease of upgrading your Windows operating system may have increased over the years there is no getting over the common upgrading problems even with Windows 7. With older operating systems like Windows 3.11 it took up to six hours and up to a dozen floppy disks to install a new operating system on a Windows machine. The popularization of the CD made upgrading to Windows 98 and Windows XP easier but was still a time consuming process that required the user to complete prompts during different instances of the installation. Windows 7 upgrades are now available for download
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Five Ways Windows 7 Is More Secure And Optimized Than Windows Vista

Created to be an optimized and secure operating system, Windows Vista proved to be a very powerful system. Some would argue that there was too much attention placed on security with prompts popping up that required a user’s direct action every time a new change was made to the registry or a new program attempted to access the Internet. Some would consider these changes a welcome improvement from Windows XP, but the majority of Microsoft users despised these security changes even if they were made to optimize a computer. Many users “downgraded” back to Windows XP and tried to forget
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Is Windows 7 More Secure Than Windows Vista and Windows XP?

Wondering if the latest Windows 7 operating system is more secure than your optimized Windows XP operating system? Not only has it been shown that Windows 7 is more optimized and secure than Windows XP, even Windows Vista can not compete with Windows 7 in terms of computer security and PC optimization.  This of course is ironic because Windows Vista was creating with computer security in mind, some would say to a level what aggravated many Windows Vista users. Windows Vista prompted users to allow even minor registry changes, a process that completely brought the operating system to a stand-still.
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Windows 8 Start-Up Time Will Be Faster Than Windows 7 and Windows Vista

With a year or more before Windows 8 is released there is a lot of buzz about the upcoming Windows 8 features including features that help with PC optimization. Microsoft Windows has been losing market share to competitors like Google’s Chrome OS and Android platforms, Apple’s iOS platform as well as the growing number of Linux/Unix users. Microsoft Window’s dominance began to slip with the introduction of Windows Vista.
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How To Speed Up Your Computer’s Performance with Free PC Optimizer

A slow computer can put a kink in nearly every task you attempt to complete but with a few computer tips, you can learn how to use a usb thumb drive to increase the speed of your computer and more by way of free PC optimizer. Speeding up a slow computer can usually be accomplished by changing a few setting of your machine, cleaning up files and internal storage space and with a few other computer tips, you will be on your way to a significantly faster computer.
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