Month: April 2011

Important Changes to Windows 7 Networking and Security — Free PC Optimizer

The Windows 7 release made several important changes to networking and security practices that relate to free PC optimizer. Most were made to address issues, suggestions, and complaints. A few, however, were designed to take advantage of some newer technology.
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Top Five Windows 7 Tips

For new users, Windows 7 is different enough that you need a few tips to properly optimize your PC for free. It looks quite different from earlier versions of Windows, partly because Microsoft is developing new system tools that take advantage of today’s newer, faster machines, and while most changes are on a security or system level rather than a functional one, there are still enough changes that new users may feel uncomfortable. The good news is most of the changes are cosmetic, and some of the old tools you know and love have new applications and tweaks to make
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Why A Surge Protector Is Important For An Optimized PC

A good surge protector is an important part of your computer’s safety net, just like virus protection and backing things up. Without good protection, your computer could be destroyed by sudden power surges or spikes, sometimes even if it’s not on at the time. If it’s plugged into a surge protector, though, the surge protector blocks the current caused by power fluctuations from passing to your computer. Because the surge protector is made from sturdier electronics, it rarely takes damage from this.
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How To Improve Windows Performance By Defragmenting Your Hard Disk

When your computer gets slow, it’s often because the hard disk is fragmented; you can often improve Windows 7’s performance by defragmenting it. Defragmentation goes through your hard drive and reorganizes all the bits and pieces of data scattered throughout, sorting them and putting them in order. You might visualize it as your kitchen cabinets if you never cleaned them out; it takes you forever to find that can of peaches you know you have somewhere. When you sort and clean things, however, your peaches are with the rest of the fruit, right where they belong.
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Tips And Tricks For Microsoft Office Excel 2010

The new Microsoft Office Excel 2010 is full of little tricks you can use to make your life easier. The really good news is that some of the tricks have seriously improved usability of Excel by looking at spreadsheets the way users do: as groupings of tables, each of which can be treated individually or as a component of your whole spreadsheet.
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