How To Format Your Hard Drive

There are many reasons a user will choose to format hard drive on a computer. Ranging from a way to optimize pc strategies or even perhaps to clean a hard drive of all information if selling the machine to another person. A format hard drive procedure is basically the same on all machines and the results should be similar as well.

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Whether the format hard drive technique is practiced because of a computer virus, a computer glitch, as a way to optimize pc performance or as a way to provide a clean slate for the next owner, when you format hard drive you erase all of the information contained on it. The file system allows the computer to access information on the hard drive through a series of folders and files, which is reinstalled during the format hard drive procedure.
Typically when a new hard drive is installed, the user will have to perform the format hard drive procedure in order to get the computer to recognize the drive. Also, the format hard drive process creates the necessary file and folder structure needed to optimize pc performance and make it work.
Before you choose to start the format hard drive process, make sure you properly back-up your files to ensure you still have them available for use. Once the format hard drive process is complete, they will no longer be accessible on your computer hard drive.
Computers purchased from most vendors such as Gateway, Dell, HP, Compaq or other brands are typically furnished with a restore-and-recovery disk, which is sometimes called the master CD. The disk makes the format hard drive process a piece of cake for even the average computer user.
Simply insert the restore and recovery disk, or the master CD, and the auto-play feature should begin the format hard drive process on its own. Using this restore and recovery disk also put the Windows operating system software back onto the machine as well as any other programs or software that came pre-loaded on the computer. Essentially using the restore and recovery disk will return your computer to the state it was when originally purchased.
Completing a format hard drive process is not a hard or complicated process to follow for most computer users. When a virus makes its way onto your computer and damages necessary files, or in some cases deletes all of your information, this free computer maintenance tool can be used to format hard drive and optimize pc functions.

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