3 Ways to Protect Your Computer From Internet Viruses

We’ve all heard about the unimaginable havoc that can be wreaked on a computer, including loss of important documents, photos, and other files. This is why it is so important to take precautionary measures to be prepared and keep your computer safe from viruses, malware, and other harmful internet threats.

If you follow our three steps to protecting your computer, you can rest assured that you are prepared in advance.

Keep Your Browser Up to Date

Every web browser that we use is constantly receiving updates. This includes Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, as well as Google’s Chrome browser and the Opera browser. When you are notified that these updates are available, be sure to install them. Even if you’re being notified once a week of new updates, install all of them.

These updates not only provide new features and improve browser performance, but they also include fixes and patches for any security vulnerabilities that are detected over time. Each new release is more secure than the last, so it is crucial to continuously install all updates and upgrades for your browser for maximum protection.

Also, try not to install to many browser plugins, add-ons, and extensions. Only install those you absolutely need and that come from verified, trusted companies. Some browser plugins are created by ill-minded developers whose only intentions are to infiltrate your computer by any means.

Set Up Antivirus Software and a Firewall

Every computer connected to the Internet or other network need to be protected. If you’re using Microsoft Windows, we recommend having some form of anti-virus program installed and running on the computer. Be sure to check out Avast (antivirus) and MalwareBytes(antispyware), both of which are available for download completely free of charge! Avast is a great antivirus tool, and MalwareBytes stays on the lookout for malware and spyware that could compromise your PC.

In addition, you should also consider turning on Windows Firewall (pre-installed on your Windows PC). This can help block unapproved access to your PC from the internet.

After installing antivirus protection, be sure to scan your computer regularly with this program to remove harmful programs, unwanted files, and other potentially dangerous elements that may appear over time.

Do Your Research Before Downloading Files and Programs

Not everything you find online is good for your computer. Not every program you comes across on the internet is intended to be beneficial to your PC.

This is why it is so important to do your research before your download programs and files. Make sure what you are getting is from a reputable source. This is true for both free and paid software. If you are unsure, look for a phone number and/or company address for you to contact the company directly. If this is not available, you should be more wary.

Every program you install will ask you to accept their terms and agreements. If you have any doubts about the validity of the software, read through these terms to see exactly what the software has the ability to do on your computer, as well as your rights as a user.

Just remember, a few seconds of research could save you from losing everything in seconds and experiencing hours of heartache.

If you have other tips and ideas on how to protect your computer from Internet threats, feel free to share below.

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