Laptop Computer Maintenance Provides Increased Battery Performance

One issue that every laptop owner is concerned with is battery life. After all, the whole purpose of a laptop is portability, and being tied down to a cord is not exactly everyone’s idea of mobility.
While laptop battery life has improved over time, so has the computing power capabilities of many laptops. This is a trade-off since increased computing power usually equals decreased battery life.
The best way to maintain maximum battery performance is to perform regular computer maintenance. This entails performing two of the most critical maintenance tasks, both of which can be accomplished from any Windows PC. This includes:

1. Disk Defragmenting

As more and more programs are installed on your laptop, more and more of the files necessary to run those programs become scattered across. Imagine trying to search for a matching outfit in a jumbled room full of clothes.

Ideally, the files for each program should be stored in an efficient order, which is why it is necessary to perform disk defragmenting computer maintenance regularly.

Disk Defrag is a free computer maintenance tool pre-installed on Windows PCs that restores the order of files on your hard drive so they can be more quickly accessed. This then leads to an increase in the speed of your computer as well as an increase in battery life, since your computer is not working so hard to locate and open programs and files.

2. Disk Clean Up

Another free computer maintenance tool is Disk Cleanup. For Windows computers, Disk Cleanup improves your computer performance by deleting unnecessary files, such as temporary internet files, and other files no longer in use. Since the extra, unneeded files can slow down your computer, Disk Cleanup completely removes them from your laptop. This frees up valuable hard drive space and gives your laptop fewer files to search through to run your programs.

The next time you see that flashing Low Battery light on your computer, remember these tools to optimize your battery so that it will last longer after the next charge. Performing the tasks of Disk Defrag and Disk Cleanup will speed up your computer and help you save valuable battery power.

Before you receive another low battery warning on your laptop make sure your optimize your laptop using free computer maintenance to increase battery life! This process is automated with our service and will not only make your computer faster but also increase your laptop’s battery life.

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