Google Helps You Stay Safe Online

Online securityOnline resources have become increasingly common with new advances in technology. Everything from basic communication to banking and record keeping can be handled on the web.

High-speed wireless and mobile devices even ensure that we can still access everything on the go, but with such easy access to valuable information some users may be at risk.

Along with all of the new online tools people use come new ways to exploit private information, including phishing scams and viruses.

Investing in antivirus software and firewall protection will help, but there are other ways to improve your security online, as Google shows us with a new online safety resource.

Google has created a site called Stay safe online with tips and tricks to keep you protected. This site has written tutorials and videos with information on malware, network security, mobile security, shopping safety, and more. Just click on the links on the left side to find out more about the topic you’re interested in.

Once you know how to keep your personal information safe online, you can check out the tab labeled Your data on the web to find out how cookies and user accounts can make your online experience more personalized. Keep checking back to find more tips on how to stay protected online.

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