Month: March 2012

7 Easy Way to Speed Up Your PC

Over time, the speed of all computers running Microsoft Windows will decrease. It’s like the natural aging process. But also like the natural aging process, there are steps you can take to improve the performance and help your PC run sustain smoother performance over time.

You will notice the aging, as your PC begins taking more time to respond, or open files and folders. You may even notice a decrease in the speed of your Internet connection.

Here are 7 great steps you can take to improve your computer’s performance.…

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Why & How to Back Up Your Important Files and Photos

In today’s day in age, when we have gigabytes (or even terabytes) of important items in digital form, it is very important to regularly back up all of your “can’t lose” files to an external backup drive (or an online storage solution). There’s an infinite number of problems that could suddenly render your computer and its locally stored files useless. Viruses, system crashes, and hardware failures are just a few of this potential problems that could occur without warning.
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