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Why & How to Back Up Your Important Files and Photos

In today’s day in age, when we have gigabytes (or even terabytes) of important items in digital form, it is very important to regularly back up all of your “can’t lose” files to an external backup drive (or an online storage solution). There’s an infinite number of problems that could suddenly render your computer and its locally stored files useless. Viruses, system crashes, and hardware failures are just a few of this potential problems that could occur without warning.
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Don’t forget to perform regular backups

backup your computer regularlyComputer problems and failures always happen at the most unexpected and unfortunate times. What would you do if you suddenly lost all of the data on your hard drive? Financial information? Irreplaceable family photos and videos?

These are questions that most computer users do not think about until it happens. If these questions have you thinking, the only way to prevent this from happening is by performing regular backups of your hard drive as often as possible.…

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