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How to fix common PC problems

How to fix common PC problemsThis post will be more in broader strokes to accommodate on different Windows operating systems.  So, instructions will not be as detailed and hopefully more easily understood.  If you are having problems with your PC some of these tips and advice can help you fix it.…

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How To Fix Problems With USB Devices in Windows

USBUniversal Serial Bus (aka USB) devices have become a staple for every computer user. Whether it’s a wireless mouse, printer, or external hard drive, most devices are USB compatible.

This can make things very difficult, however, when you start having problems with a USB device. Is it a virus? Is it the device? Is the cord bad? Is it the computer? These are just a few possible sources of your PC problems, but there is an easy way to see if your computer is the cause of the trouble.…

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3 Quick Fixes for Common Computer Problems

Computers can be both excellent tools and sources of overwhelming frustration. Common recurring problems are frustrating and can take time to deal with if you don’t know the best way to fix the problem. Here are three common computer problems you may have run into and easy ways to fix them.…

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How to Remove Programs from your Windows Computer

Your computer comes with a lot of programs, some are vital like a word processor or spread sheet make, but often will come with extraneous programs that you may not use, such as an extra video editing software or a virus protection program you may not use. These files on your Windows computer may be taking up space and slowing down your operations.  It is important to not clutter your hard drive for it will slow things down and you may have to defragment it more often.

Before we walk you through the steps of deleting unneeded programs on your …

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Help! Why Do I Get A Blue Screen Of Death?

The infamous blue screen of death is an unwelcome greeting known to many PC users. It is the computer telling the user that an error has occurred and the computer cannot function normally because of this error. All programs are halted and the only way to exit the blue screen is to restart. Before restarting, write down the reason for the Windows blue screen of death. The error message should look something like this, “A problem has been detected and Windows has been shut down to prevent damage to your computer. The problem seems to be caused by the following

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