Author: John Krupka

How To Speed Up Your Computer For Free

Many users wonder, “How can I speed up my computer?” This is an age-old question that seems to be the pinnacle of computer repair and maintenance.

To answer the question of how to speed up your computer and more importantly how to speed up your computer for free, we must first go to the computer itself instead of third party cleaning software.

There are many actions that can be taken within the operating system to speed up a computer. Do not forget to save all work and projects before embarking on the quest of how to speed up your computer.…

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The Best Windows Optimizer Is Free – How to use Disk Cleanup

The best Windows optimizer is a free Windows optimizer. While this may come across as an obvious thought it is actually very common for users to look to third-party sites that charge enormous amounts just to optimize a Windows computer.

A very effective free Windows optimizer actually already exists on your current Windows PC. It’s called Disk Cleanup.…

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How to use CHKDSK to help with computer maintenance

Troubleshooting computer problems can be a tedious task without the proper tools. Luckily, Microsoft includes multiple useful utilities to help with computer problems.

PC troubleshooting is a breeze when using the CHKDSK (check disk) utility in Windows. Troubleshooting disk errors can be done in the command prompt, however a much more user-friendly option is available. Use CHKDSK to review damaged files, disk errors, and much more.

Ensure that you backup your important files and documents before beginning any PC troubleshooting. After saving important files and documents the next safety step to take is to make sure your computer will have …

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Need a computer tune-up? Free computer maintenance makes a PC tune-up easy

Need a computer tune-up?Need a computer tune up? The best computer maintenance to get is free computer maintenance. PC maintenance can be a hassle, but luckily there are ways to perform a PC tune up with very little distress.

The tools necessary for free computer maintenance are already on your computer, which makes the entire process free of charge. Learn how to perform a free computer tune up and never pay for expensive tune up programs again.…

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How I speed up my PC free: Get a fast PC with disk defrag

All who are dependent on computers for their everyday lives desires a fast PC. In the world of today that demographic encompasses nearly everyone. Over time, a fast PC will slow down due to numerous problems. That can happen when a large program is installed or when large amounts of files are saved on the hard drive.

The obvious question is, “How can I speed up my PC for free?” Luckily, one of those problems can be addressed with ease and also at no cost.

Disk Defragmenter is a free utility provided by Microsoft, which comes with all Windows operating …

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