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Troubleshoot Your Microsoft Office Installation Problems

Microsoft Office 2010 installation problemsMicrosoft Office 2010 includes a wide variety of updates and new features over the previous release in the Office line of productivity software. Users are no longer restricted to use on a single computer with new share functions and mobile-friendly tools.

Office 2010  takes your experience with this long-lived productivity suite to a new level pushing all boundaries. Advanced picture formatting tools and a wide range of customizable themes and SmartArt graphic layouts are just a few examples of what’s new. If you are trying to update or have updated to Office 2010, it is possible that you encountered problems …

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Fix Software Install/Uninstall Problems with Microsoft’s New Utility

If you have been experiencing issues with installing or uninstalling software on your Windows computer, your solution may now be in sight.

Microsoft has now released a Fix-It to diagnose problematic installing and uninstalling issues. Although it is usually not a problem to install or uninstall most Windows software, problems can occur during this process, causing programs to not install or uninstall properly.

“Installation issues are often caused by missing dependencies, for instance when a program that requires the Microsoft .NET Framework needs to be installed without the proper Framework version installed on the system, states Windows 7 News.…

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