How To Optimize Windows 7

So you’ve just upgraded to the latest and greatest Windows operating system or maybe you have had it for quite some time now but have the same question: How Do I Optimize Windows 7? Navigating around Windows 7’s graphical interface may be a richer experience but if your computer takes several seconds or even minutes to open programs and applications like an Internet browser you may be kicking yourself and wish you had just stuck with Windows XP. Fret not! Windows 7 can be optimized using free computer maintenance, a process that not only makes your computer faster and run more efficiently but also cuts down on your electricity bill. It’s not secret that an optimized PC saves electricity. To take advantage of free computer maintenance programs learn about how these programs work and how applications like Disk Defrag make your computer run faster.

How To Optimize Windows 7 with Free Computer Maintenance

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Disk Defrag Optimizes Windows 7

Windows 7 may look different than Windows Vista or Windows XP but what goes on under the hood remains the same. Windows 7 still requires the use of your computer’s hard drive, RAM, and processor to function thus making it vulnerable to slow downs. During the course of your computer use while visiting websites or creating documents files are created, stored and deleted on your hard drive; a normal process. While you may think all this information is being stored efficiently (and for the most part it is) over time these files can be spread over different physical locations on your hard drive.

This is important in regards to free computer maintenance because the more time your hard drive spends looking for files is more time you as the user have to wait not only for the files to be located but then processed and presented to you visually. Disk Defrag, a part of free computer maintenance, fixes this problem but organizing your hard drives files as to create an optimized PC. Disk Defrag scans your computer’s hard drive and places similar files next to each other on your hard drive so they can be accessed for quickly which helps speed up your computer running Windows 7. Run Disk Defrag in Windows 7 and you will certainly notice the difference after your PC has been optimized.

Check Disk (CHKDSK) Optimizes Windows 7

Another part of free computer maintenance, Check Disk (CHKDSK) helps optimize your Windows 7 PC by scanning files and correcting errors on your hard drive. Your computer’s hard drive may be an amazing piece of technology but is not infallible. A hard drive is very similar to a floppy disk that achieved mass use and popularity in the 80s and 90s. The silicon sheathe stored information in tiny grooves which an actuator arm scanned over. The same premise is used in your computer’s hard drive but you a much larger scale. Just like errors occurred on floppy disks they also occur on your hard drive which makes free computer maintenance important.

Electrical surges or bumpy conditions (present in laptops) can cause your hard drive to store or modify information incorrectly which causes errors. Windows 7 is built to detect and skip over these errors but if free computer maintenance is not run regularly the error aggregate will slow down your computer. Check Disk (CHKDSK) will find these errors on your hard drive and fixes these file structures to create an optimized PC.

Take care of your computer and use free computer maintenance to ensure help it run quickly. Running Disk Defrag and Check Disk (CHKDSK) as a part of free computer maintenance will help optimize your PC.

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