How An Optimized Laptop Increases Battery Life

So many of us who use laptops are painfully aware of one of its limitations, battery life, but are often unaware that an optimized laptop increases battery life. Laptop batteries have increased in efficiency over the years with the introduction of multi-cell lithium-ion batteries but often do not last more than a few hours even after being fully charged. It may come as a surprise to learn that lithium batteries loose 1% of their charge capacity with each charge and even the very best laptop batteries become useless after 1,000 or so charges. Many of us try our best to make the battery last as long as possible while mobile by lowering the brightness of the screen or avoiding processor heavy programs like computer games, but it all boils down to how efficiently the laptop processor uses power and how the information is accessed on your laptop’s hard drive. This makes optimizing your laptop crucial for extending or increasing the overall battery life.

How An Optimized Laptop Increases Battery Life With Free Computer Maintenance

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Disk Defrag Helps Optimize Your Computer And Increases Battery Life

When thinking of how your laptop uses your battery life you must first understand how your laptop performs functions. When doing virtually anything on your laptop from opening an application to saving a file your laptop’s hard drive is drawing power from the battery. The hard drive of course needs this power to access files, create new files or modify current files. All the while this happens your laptop’s hard drives is spinning vigorously and it’s tiny extenders and moving to different physical points on your laptop to access the required information. Ideally the information you seek would be organized in an efficient fashion but most laptops and computers are not optimized like this unless free computer maintenance is regularly performed. Disk Defrag is a free computer maintennce program that organizes the files on your hard drive so they can be accessed more quickly thus not only making your laptop faster by saving time when accessing files but also increasing your laptop’s battery life by not having to use the extra energy to search on an unoptimized hard drive.

Disk Clean Up Helps Optimize Your Computer And Increases Battery Life

Disk Cleanup is another free computer maintenance program that computer users often do not take advantage of. Disk Cleanup helps optimize your computer by deleting unnecessary files like Temporary Internet Files, cached files and files scattered around your computer like the ones in your Recycle Bin.  Disk Cleanup deletes these files that ultimetely bloat your computer and slow it down. As your laptop’s hard drive looks for files on your computer it must pass through all of these unnecessary files to discover the file in it requires wasting both time and battery life. Running Disk Cleanup in concert with Disk Defrag helps optimize your laptop which not only speeds up your computer but also saves power being drained from your laptop’s battery.

Before you receive another low battery warning on your laptop make sure your optimize your laptop using free computer maintenance to increase battery life! This process is automated with our service and will not only make your computer faster but also increase your laptop’s battery life.

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